Friday, July 29, 2011

And The Heart Yearns...

Lost somewhere are the winding roads,
the green trees, purple hills, O’ the mighty snow.
Lost somewhere is the clear blue sky,
the cold winds, mirrored lakes, O’ her furious flow.
Back they are, to jammed roads ‘n concrete waste
To black fog, un-starred skies, O’ you nature’s foe

Their grit was tested on treacherous passes,
by steep slopes, blind curves & dusty roads
by slippery slush from melted ice,
and puncture threats on rocky precipice.
Their wheels crave for those unbuilt roads,
over deep valleys & thro’ shallow flows.
The unwavering strength was finally rewarded
as the Four scaled the mighty heights unscathed.

But, lost somewhere are those winding roads,
those green trees, purple hills, that mighty snow.
But, Lost Somewhere is that clear blue sky
those Cold Winds, Mirrored lakes ‘n her furious flow.
Back they are, to Jammed roads ‘n concrete waste
to Black fog, un-starred skies, O’ you nature’s foe

Be it Leh, Upshi, Psumdo, Sarchu or Bhand Alchi,
each meal was ambrosia, people friendly & kids chirpy.
For slumber, stood tents in the noisy wild
multi-storeyed holes, for excretion, in some corner lied
The morning began at an early six,
Bungie ties ‘n blue ‘pannis’ let the bags be fix
The daily distance – couple a hundred long
Accompanying was virgin Nature all along

The heart yearns deep for those winding roads,
for green trees, purple hills, ‘n a mighty snow.
The heart yearns deep for that clear blue sky
for Cold Winds, mirrored lakes, ‘n a furious flow
The heart yearns deep to kick-start that loyal bike,
Pack the blue bag & one more time, make a Go!


SHiva said...

Awesome stuff ..:)

kairav said...

Superb .

Aashish said...

The creative side of Mr. Dhaval. Brilliantly portrayed, dude!

athira said...

Nice one! :)

Sharan said...