Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So, on a sleepy night the author gets fairly worked up about things being superficial in life. He seems to have stuck himself to the belief that most of the things around tend to have no reason. From a superficial marketing gimmick to a superficial academic course, from a superficial coding job to a superficial world cup, things revolve around profits of a handful few and the delusion of the rest. The irony is that there is happiness and calmness in delusion and unrest and uncertainity when the spell breaks.

Thoughts divert to kicking oneself in the arse cause no action and just glorified thought never helped anyone. The inertia takes a while to sake away but the while seems to be taking just too long! And while the while does pass by the author reverts to another sitcom or some facebook surfing or some random assignment copying.............. bah!

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